The Female Additional Manual (FAM) is an addition to the widely-used violence risk assessment tool the HCR-20 / HCR-20V3. for the assessment of violence risk in women. The goal of the FAM is to provide a clinically relevant and useful additional tool for accurate, gender-sensitive assessment of violence risk, which offers concrete guidelines for risk management in women. The FAM contains additional guidelines for women for five Historical HCR-20 items (H6-H10) or two Historical HCR-20V3 items (H7-H8) and eight new items with specific relevance to women. Furthermore, there are three extra risk ratings in addition to Violence to others: Self-destructive behavior; Victimization; Non-violent criminal behavior.

For more information see the factsheet FAMcoding sheet, coding scheme, and additional information regarding the use of the FAM with HCR-20 Version 3.

The FAM was originally developed as an additional manual to the HCR-20. With adaptations, the original FAM can also be applied as an additional manual to the HCR-20V3In 2014, the FAM was adapted to be used with HCR-20 Version 3; the PDF FAM V3 and coding sheet FAM V3 can be downloaded here.

Additional risk factors in the FAM:

  1. Prostitution
  2. Parenting difficulties
  3. Pregnancy at young age
  4. Suicidality / self-harm
  5. Covert / manipulative behavior
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Problematic child care responsibility
  8. Problematic intimate relationship

The FAM has been developed by Vivienne de Vogel, Michiel de Vries Robbé, Willemijn van Kalmthout and Caroline Place. The instrument should be seen as work in progress; there is not yet sufficient evidence for the predictive validity of (the factors in) this tool for repeated violence in women and research into this topic is strongly needed. Preliminary prospective results in a small group of female forensic patients (N = 46) yielded good interrater reliability and predictive validity of the FAM for both violence to others and towards themselves (de Vogel & de Vries Robbé, 2013). Currently, several studies are being conducted.

The Finnish and French (coding sheet) translations of the FAM are available in PDF.

The FAM manuals can be ordered at Cognitive Centre (English version) or Eburon (Dutch and English version). Training in the use of the FAM is not necessary when the user is familiar / experienced with using the HCR-20 / HCR-20V3.